Software Links:

OsiriX from Pixmeo           

Osirix-LXIV free 64bit fork

Osirix-LXIV is a recently published 64 bit open-source build of v6 without the Not for Medical Usage Logo

Horus free 64bit viewer based on OsiriX:

Horos – Free, open medical image viewer:

Horos™ is a free, open source medical image viewer.
The goal of the Horos Project is to develop a fully functional, 64-bit medical image viewer for OS X.  Horos is based upon OsiriX and other open source medical imaging libraries.  Horos is made available under theGNU General Public License, Version 3 (GPL-3.0).

Windows alternatives to OsiriX ?

You can find plenty but none as good as Osirix, but i must say there has been significant development over the 
last 12 months in the number of free DICOM viewers and the future does look bright.

In my research on the web, the current best Windows alternative for teaching purposes is RadiAnt Viewer

You can download the software from:            

Complete anonymisation and renaming: DICOM Cleaner

This is the best available anonymisation kit for both Mac and Windows platform, beats OsiriX and others by miles !!!


How to Use:               

Also, look at the youtube video on Using Dicom Cleaner under Video Tutorials