Cloning Preferences

Cloning Preferences to a New Mac or Multiple Macs using MAGIC FILE

Mavericks Update 

OSX Mavericks will not copy from plist file automatically on pasting the new setting. You will need to Import the plist file through OsiriX-Preferences-General-Load Preferences

Dr Mary Roddie has done a brilliant video on How to Clone Settings in Mavericks, check out here:

Latest Version update:

The path has changed in the latest version of OsiriX 5.2 running on OS X Mountain Lion

Previously the file was at 

(1) Your-Hard-Disk/Library/Preferences

 But now its under

(2) Your-Hard-Disk/Users/...Your-user…./Library/Preferences

Actually you can not see the above Library folder under your home folder, because it is hidden.

However, you can reach it via:

-----Click "finder"

-----When you hold on pressing "Alt" button and choose "Go" from menu bar you can see Library there (it is a different library folder, other than the Library under your hard disk). 

There you can replace the "com.rosseantoine.osirix.plist"  file.

Older versions of OsiriX:

The preferences of your Osirix on your Mac, can be cloned to other macs, retaining the toolbar, column headers, anonymisation protocols and customised settings 

This can be done by replacing the magic file called: com.rossetantoine.osirix

This is located under: ------Library------Preferences----com.rossetantoine.osirix

Copy this file and save it to a USB drive

If you want to copy all your preferences to a new mac:

1. on the new mac-----install osirix---(same version-advised 3.8.1 and above)---launch osirix

2. quit osirix -------then replace the above file in the same location on the new mac 

3. just paste from USB----which will prompt--------do you want to replace or keep both files---------select replace

Launch osirix again you will see that it has imported all you settings !!!


By doing this, this also keeps a memory of the database sources (for multiple database) which may not be available on the new mac and appear on the left hand side under sources and albums with a red icon. 

To get rid of this:

Click osirix----preferences------locations--------will bring up the name of the databases------select the ones you want to delete-------hit backspace------do this for each of the database in RED-----close window

Magic ---- your MAC is now a cloned version of the original MAC retaining all your settings

Author: Dr Sameer Shamshuddin