OsiriX Anonymisation

How to SET UP Customised anonymisation within OsiriX

We can Rename or Anonymise DICOM studies using the 

Anonymisation Icon          in the toolbar of the database window, which can be easily configured

You can configure this setting only if you are running version 3.8.1 and above

I have attached snapshots of my settings below looking out for patient identifiable DICOM tags

Click on the Anonymise Icon----You will get a popup window similar to the one attached below,although with lesser tags

Click on Select a DICOM tag and find the ones that I have added from the dropdown options from-Sorted by Name

Then highlight the tag and click the + button

Do this for all the tags and click + every time you add a new tag

Replace PATIENT NAME, PATIENT ID and Study Instance UID with your CODE

Once it matches the Image 01 above, Click SAVE and Give the Name-LIBRARY

You can create multiple such protocols to suit your needs, example below

Next time when you want to rename or anonymise a case, all you need to do is --click the Anonymisation icon


Select from the dropdown menu----select protocol----change to next incremental digit 

Then Click Replace---You will get a prompt asking do you want to delete the study---select ok

This will erase the DICOM Tags, rename your study and add it to the database as a new study

Note: If you click Add, this will add the case as a new case into the database without deleting the original case

Author: Dr Sameer Shamshuddin