Examination Database

How to Create an Examination Database on an External Hard Drive

Once you have named your examination cases, you can then create a new database on EHD 

Pluggin the EHD---Launch Finder---Create New folder on EHD--name it as --- SAMSHA RCR Cases (use your code)

Launch osirix---Menu---File---New database folder---point to folder created on the EHD----SAMSHA RCR Cases

Click create----you will find the new database called SAMSHA RCR Cases DB under sources

Then drag the cases from your local default database or any other database where you have created the examination cases into the new database

Here you can create multiple albums and organise your cases; SET 01 and so on

You can make use of the column headers to organise the database window

Comments 2 for keeping the cases in order: Case-0001

Comments 3 for diagnosis

Comments 4 for Case difficulty (1-4)

Example screen shot below:

       You may also wish to Add Comments on RCR Modules

Author: Dr Sameer Shamshuddin