OsiriX Preferences

OsiriX Preferences:

This page is to help streamline a common ground and achieve uniformity in setting up the OsiriX for the purpose of teaching.

Considerable time and reasoning has gone behind achieving these settings to optimise my OsiriX, the quest beginning from my work with Dr Nigel Raby in setting up a digital museum in glasgow, setting up OsiriX workstations for the Scottish MRI Course between 2010-2012, interaction with Dr John Curtis at Aintree and Dr Mary Roddie at London, answering multiple emails on why this is behaving strangely to why is my cases vanishing from the database and finally being part of this wonderful teaching community.

The OsiriX Preferences below are for the latest version of OsiriX v5.6 running on MacBookPro OSX10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Key settings are annotated with arrows and rectangles in the attached images. These settings really took a lot of twiddling to understand and make OsiriX behave the way I intended to use, hopefully you will find this useful.